Remedies for a Sore Throat During a Cold


Having a cold is just no fun. That’s why finding a sore throat cold remedy is a gold mine amidst the suffering.

When you have a sore throat during a cold, some sore throat lozenges from the store like Strepsil will really help to make the pain go away. These agents work by numbing the throat. The only pain with these types of candies is that there is a limit one can take per couple of hours.

In the meantime, make some tea (any kind will do because during a cold you are unlikely to taste flavor anyways) and put a tablespoon of honey in it. Some people would recommend raw honey because some rare types of it have antibiotic properties.

Then just stir and let sit. It will be best to drink hot but not so hot that you burn your throat. The honey will help to coat your throat until your next lozenge.